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REVIEW Advertising will create, design, build, test and deploy the campaign.

It will also report the progress of the campaign in real-time to provide our customers with maximum flexibility and effectiveness. At the end of the campaign, REVIEW will analyze its success to improve the company’s future campaigns (ROI on promotions).

Our campaigns will grab the target audience immediately and deliver the right message to the right audience to increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction with the company.

We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations for campaign returns.


We strive to become the first local Egyptian company to operate on multinational grounds.
Review intends to grow from a small-established company into an international firm by utilizing a cascaded entry strategy of opening a new office every one year for a period of six years.


We are merging knowledge and experience with art and fun, to challenge concepts, to offer the best-tailored solutions, methods and tools in planning and implementing a successful promotional campaign and creating a tailored corporate identity.

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