| Mariam Elmohandes

Review - 7 secrets that can skyrocket your business by Digital Marketing

In this day and age, everything is online, easily reached, and easily accessed, from t.v shows being produced to be related on the internet (E.G Netflix, Hulu), to music being on various apps (Spotify, Anghami), that includes business too.

Now more than ever, businesses tend to leave traditional marketing techniques behind in favor of digital marketing, yet some businessmen are hesitant to take that leap, while it’s understandable that despite everyone being on board, it’s hard to launch businesses without knowing the behind the scenes secrets and know-how. 


In this article, we will inform you on the many ways digital marketing can help your business go to the top, but first, some data about digital marketing business you need to know.

Benefits of Digital marketing:

There are many perks to going the digital marketing route but to sum it up, “internet marketing” is one of the most efficient tools to use to reach accurate and targeted audiences: 

1- it’s cost-effective yet impactful.

2- Easy to measure how the marketing process is going.

3- Easy to adjust your marketing goals.

4- campaigns and messages are easily delivered and shared by wide margins.

5- you can easily set your brand’s tone of voice and image. 

6- you can reach the required target audience you need 

And finally 7- your brand can go global. 

After setting up the many benefits of digital marketing, what are the methods and tools used?

They are many types of digital marketing 

  1. SEO-based content creation (For your website)
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Local search
  5. Search engine marketing (i.a Google, Bing)
  6. Social paid ads (i.a Facebook, LinkedIn)
  7. Remarketing
  8. Influencer marketing
  9. Forum engagement (Quora)
  10. Conversion Optimization with analytics
  11. Lead generation
  12. Video marketing with Youtube (+ Youtube Video Ads)


According to Marketingcharts.com, these are the most important media channels to use for your business in general. 


Challenges faced by CEOS and entrepreneurs

With all that information in hand, it’s tough for CEOs and entrepreneurs to decide which social platform suited best to use for their business, from recent data gathered by sources such as buffer.com, statista.com, the most used social media platform that is dominating the internet in February 2022


1- Facebook, coming with 2.9 billion monthly active users,

2- YouTube with  2.2 billion monthly active users,

3- WhatsApp — 2 billion MAUs. 

4- Instagram — 2 billion MAUs

5-  Facebook Messenger — 1.3 billion MAUs

6-WeChat — 1.26 billion MAUs 

7- TikTok — 1 billion MAUs

How can you utilize these data for launching businesses? 


  • Well, starting with the biggest platform of them all, Facebook, again with almost 3 billion users, almost everyone is signed up on Facebook, all genders and age demographic are on the app 24/7, so it's safe to say that your brand will be well known to all people when setting your business on Facebook pages and creating Facebook ads. 


  • Youtube, on the other hand, despite being made to upload videos, the content uploaded is easily reached to all audiences, as it is the second-largest platform after Facebook and when uploading your videos, regardless of the nature of your business, Google promotes your videos on the search engines and can promote the other social accounts you have.


  • Twitter is also a very large social media platform that can be easily reached by all people, the only downside is the character limit, so it’s best to use it to inform people about your brand in a concise, interesting, and informative all in one tweet. 


  • Instagram, with its 2 billion monthly active users, it’s made to include short videos format and photos, so if you’re in the business of interior design, selling products, food and beverage, Instagram is the platform for you.


  • Linkedin is primarily used to set the tone of your business and its services, better used to reach out to B2B instead of B2C, it’s a platform made for the professionals to connect, so for instance if you’re a real estate developer or a telecommunication company that wants to get brand awareness, Linkedin is the place to start growing your brand.


  • Tiktok, despite being launched in 2018, has gathered many active users with 1 billion monthly active users, it’s a great platform to start your business if you are a content creator or if you're making a product, its short video format is key to gathering many viewers to stay tuned and keep up with your line of work.