| Mariam Elmohandes

Review - According to Egyptian behaviors, The best social media platform for your business in Egypt

Marketing on social media platforms is at an all-time high as stated in the previous article, and when it comes to Egypt with its rise of the population of +1.9% million on a yearly basis and +5.0% million active users, businesses have now the best opportunities to reach to all audiences in various platform.


However, it’s a difficult task to know which platform to use when creating a social media account, depending on the type of business you’re operating, so in this article, we will be uncovering how and what social media platforms to use that can help promote your service best based on data about targeted audiences.


First, before you set up many accounts and ads on social media, you must know that your business is a major factor that decides the type of audiences you need to get your brand’s name spreading across the web, with that information, let’s dive into some data and learn how to can use this info to set your business to have an online presence. 



According to datarepotal, Facebook is dominating the social media platform usage with 83.2% of the population from age of 16 to 64 are using Facebook, which can be considered the ultimate go-to platform to create a page that reaches out to millions of users regardless of the business you’re into (example: real estate sector is thriving on Facebook with many major real estate developers, pyramids, zed, sodic…etc, whose ads are spreading everywhere, whether in posts or video) 

In general, all Meta Apps (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp) are leading the social media usage in Egypt 


Instagram and Tiktok 

Another Meta App that comes with its huge MAU, is Instagram, with 64% of the population using it, Instagram's best features can be used if your brand is associated with providing services that can be easily bought (products such as make-up, perfume, clothes…etc) and also, it’s great to promote your work if you’re a content creator, photographer, or want to announce your booming business and events in the fashion and entertainment sector, that can also be applied on TikTok, as most of the audiences are from the ages of 25 and below, as an entertainer, it can be used to make your name rise. 


Twitter, on the other hand, with its limited characters and format, it's best to use Twitter when you want to inform your audiences about your business’s latest updates, as you're speaking to your audiences directly.


Linkedin is that place to set the tone of professionalism to your business, with 21% of users in Egypt are on the platform, its specific and detailed audiences and users are a perk as you will be able to stand out easier and connect with more companies.