| Mariam Elmohandes

Review - How to use Ramadan to reach audiences according to Egyptian behavior

Ramadan is the time to share joy, be generous, and connect with many people, as a brand, it’s important to not lose touch with your audience and understand when and how to reach your customers better and more efficiently during the holy month.

To create an effective marketing plan, you need to know how Egyptians behave and what time they consume social media platforms, so without further a due, here are the Egyptian behavior and their patterns.

Survey and research done

According to Facebook, people tend to get interested in brands that give hand and highlight the importance of solidarity and generosity to local communities. 


Also, 61% of people are looking for brands that are having a large sale on their products, as they are constantly shopping during Ramadan, while 58% are searching on Facebook for inspiration for things to buy, which include but are not limited to food, make-up, cars, and games.


Another point that should be taken seriously is when people spend their time on social media, according to research, Egyptians use social media to avoid the heat during the day and to connect with people, share fun content, or plan a hangout by night, they are most active after iftar (from 7 PM to 3 AM)


A celebrity endorsement never disappoints, as many audiences tend to make a purchase after a celebrity or an influencer made a promotion, especially if it was a new product or service in the market. 

People's usage of social media is a form of escape and a way to kill time, they want to see engaging content, communicate with other people, and feel joy,

NOW, how can this information help you create powerful campaigns and ads?

  1. more interactive content with a powerful call to action posts 
  2. create offers to attract customers (as a matter of fact, 42% to 53% of people tend to spend and buy things in Ramadan, so there will be no harm in sales)
  3. engage with people using Arabic content, the simpler the better. 
  4. use influencers for collaborations.
  5. post your content after iftar to get more attraction. 
  6. focus on the general atmosphere and detect what are the things people are interested in right now and provide that need.