| Ahmed Arafat

Review - Types of Advertising (The emotional approach)

For any product, service to be introduced to the public, it must be advertised, and to advertise your brand, there are some approaches that you must be aware of to know which approach you’re going to choose that can capture the selling message clearly to all audiences. 

Hopefully, this article gives you a guide into understanding the world of advertising and the art behind it.


Dissecting Advertising types 

According to an article by Visme, you can categorize advertising into two types, Emotional and Rational, each has its own approach, now to say that for your ad to be successful you have to follow a certain type, would be absolutely wrong, each approach in advertising has a certain purpose, for instance, the emotional approach addresses your heart while the rational approach addresses your mind. 

In this article, that will be divided into three parts, will be discussing the emotional aspect of advertising, so let’s not beat around the bushes and get started 



  • Emotional Approach 


The emotional approach relies on forming a connection with the viewers, by targeting their feelings and influence their decision making, these feelings can range from humorous, romantic, fear and more. Think of Vodafone’s tagline “Power to You”, Coca-Cola “Open Happiness” or Nike “Just Do it”, in just a few words, these brands were able to deliver their message while using the emotional technique


Examples of the many variations to the using emotional approach


1- Humor approach 


Getting laughter out of your audiences can help your brand establish a better connection to them and boost up the engagement, for instance, Ferska Ads and their social media page is filled with humour while inserting their products, making both product and ad memorable in the viewers’ minds, interacting with people through comments and aiming their ads to be funny without being too much or disrespectful.

2- Fear approach 

The fear approach is utilized to scare the viewers, by introducing a threat and motivate them into either buying a product or contribute to a charitable cause. 

Prime example, Ahl Masr Foundation Ad in Ramadan 2020 that took the internet by storm with its shocking use of tragic true stories of burn victims in a graphic depiction of said events, and highlighting that saving a burn victim must be done in six hours after the incident or else it’s too late, this fear of not being able to save lives definitely was a conversation starter. Despite the backlash, Ahl Masr did actually use this tactic in their favour.



3 - Endorsement Appeal

Celebrities have a large number of followers that keep an eye on their movement and their day to day lives, so when a company approaches celebrities to endorse their product/services, their influence can have a massive effect and lead the customers into purchasing said product or service.

4- Romantic Appeal 

In this appeal, ads attempt to show the attractive qualities of product or service, with a storyline involving couples who get closer to each other after using the product, that helped to improve their relationship.

This appeal is famously used in ads to promote perfumes.