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Review - Types of Advertising- The Rational appeal part 2

Welcome back lovely readers to the final instalment of types of advertising- the rational appeal.

 In the previous three articles, I've discussed that there are two appeals when it comes to advertising (emotional and rational).

Now, I'll take a deep dive into the rest of the rational appeal methods and they're used to get the message across to the audiences, transforming them from viewers to a consumer of product/services.

let's not waste any time, starting with:

Contrast Ads

How to show the positive effect of the product/service to the audience ? you might ask, well, the simple answer is to show them what they're missing when they're not using said product.

make a little comparison before and after, how practical or helpful your product is, that way you're showing the audiences evidential facts they cannot deny or ignore the results.

Palm's ad shows how using the phone can change your life to be more organized.

Moving on to 

Statistics Ads 

Nothing affirms the truth more than real statistics.

every sceptic will look for hard evidence to convince him or her into buying the service/product.

Since the advertisers are following the rational appeal in their ads, the statistics method was bound to happen.

As a company who wants to advertise to a large audience, you're addressing their mind, not their impulses or emotional side, so to gain their trust, show what your product can do by explaining how it helped others in a graph form for instance.

In this approach, you can

A) simply state the fact one time

B) make a full-on facts campaign dedicated to present all stats and information.

one of the sub-categories you can apply in the statistics approach is the facts campaign, which is showing your audience stats that were held to tell a story and sell your product.

A prime example of this technique is the Indomie facts campaign that presented facts about the brand 

Transparent Ads

Honesty is the best policy. 

Getting the audience to buy your product when using the rational appeal relies on your honesty, being transparent about what you can offer them, be authentic and in your realness, people will connect to you, and have certain expectations of your brand which will make you avoid any false advertising.

Now, with all things being said about the rational appeal and emotional appeal in advertising, does this mean you should only follow one appeal in advertising your brand?

Well, not really. 

You cannot just follow one appeal and call it a day, there's a master plan behind every ad, from knowing the product's nature, figuring out the selling message, target segmentation and more.

Meaning, there’s no right way to create an ad, you can choose to follow the emotional approach or rational approach, and even you can mix the two approaches into one ad as a way to make your ad seen and heard as clear as possible.

Challenge the norms of advertising, don’t be afraid to go both ways and get creative, 

Final Conclusion  

At the end of the types of advertising series, I'd like to say that advertising is not just declaring what your product can do, nor you can just talk to peoples' hearts, it takes time, effort and true understanding of people's wants and needs and to be able to convey your selling message uniquely, that's an art of itself.