| Mariam Elmohandes

Review - Voice over, your key to set your message clearly.

In the previous article, we stated that music is a very important factor to get people into the purchasing phase, as it evokes emotions, encourages people to make a decision, and associates your brand with the feeling the music sets in the video.


Another important player in the marketing game is the voice-over, while to some it might seem redundant and cliche, it’s actually a very powerful and simple technique that when used correctly, your brand’s tone of voice and value is set loudly & clearly.

Here are the benefits of using Voice over in your video content 

1- it sets a tone of humanity

People tend to connect better with companies who have a human touch, they dislike being talked in a ridged and bland, robotic kind of way, so with voice over being put in the video, it helps bridge the gap between the brand and the customers, establishing a deep connection and introduces the brand better 


2- your company will have a credible reputation

With the right script and right voice-over actor/actress, your brand will have a credible reputation as people will associate your company with the services and feelings they got from the video. 


Side note: when picking a voice-over actor or actress, gender matters, as each product or service requires a figure, a gender that can relate, explain and help the customers, the wrong voice-over actor can ruin not only the video but the brand’s image.


3- it removes any misunderstand and provides clarity 

If you’re introducing a brand new service, or your product needs a ton of explanation, voice-over help to clarify every detail and set the information in a precise and accurate way by highlighting the pros of said service or product.


4- your assertive tone will be remembered 

When you have a good and strong script, combined with the right voice-over actor and a clear vision of how the video is presented, people will remember the selling message you gave them, along with a catchy outro, your video will cement itself into people’s subconscious.